Data centers are the foundation for delivering modern enterprise IT services such as Cloud, IoT, etc. Cloud Operators and Service Providers have to provide high availability, resiliency and avoid downtime while dealing with fast-changing technology landscape and greater infrastructure complexity.

Applying Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning to infrastructure management can anticipate problems, help decide the right course of action and deliver recommendations and resolutions to enable faster problem resolution and minimize downtime. is a startup in stealth mode focused on applying AI and Machine Learning to enable Autonomous Datacenters through automation of infrastructure support. This is achieved by

  • Creating the largest knowledge graph in the industry by indexing and categorizing data center infrastructure from ITOM/ITSM tools, emails, logs, product/vendor documentation, forums, wikis and others.
  • Improve support productivity and problem resolution through inferences and recommendations to provide virtual expert services to support staff.
  • Support autonomous decision making for self-tuning infrastructure within existing tools and processes.
  • Reduce alert noise for improved accuracy and faster resolution while eliminating future recurrence

One of our early adopter customers was able to reduce their support burden by 65.7% while handling 37% more support requests.

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