Peritus is a virtual expert for AI-driven automation of support delivery & incident resolution for complex engineered systems deployed in datacenters, telco networks and industrial operations. Peritus’ data-driven approach significantly enhances operational efficiencies of support services and delivers new system entitlements for managed service providers and system vendors. Peritus assists & automates a wide spectrum of decisions in system support including incident classification, routing, contract coverage, indecent resolution recipes and orchestration of incident management between subject matter experts(SMEs).
Peritus’ cognitive intelligence engine models incident characteristics of systems and the behavior of SMEs to manage a live catalog of incident resolution & service response recipes. These are backed by Peritus’ deep system knowledge built as semantic graphs from product design documentation, system log features, support entitlements in service contracts and past incidents from similar systems. Peritus’ advanced NLP engines are capable of processing raw log streams and transforming them into machine-queryable semantic structures of features. Peritus closely integrates with live systems in deployment through their logging services and system management tools. It responds to triggers from system logs, call-home notifications and incidents raised with relevant knowledge about the system & recommended resolution recipes.
Peritus offers an out-of-box training process for creating its network of incident resolution recipes across three phases. The first phase is completely automated and processes past incidents to build a baseline set of recipes. The second phase involves time-bound training sessions with SMEs, where Peritus presents SMEs with numerous incident scenarios to enhance its granularity of incident categories & resolution recipes. The third phase is an ongoing process, where Peritus absorbs feedback from SMEs during cycles of incident resolutions & service request responses.
Peritus is based in Palo Alto and has been co-created at The Hive. For more information please contact us at
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